JobTube is the first recruitment agency of its kind, providing a non traditional online service, established in Nigeria. We offer a cost effective and time efficient solution for employers seeking out talented professionals. JobTube clients have the advantage of gaining immediate access and detailed information regarding suitable candidates, allowing them to view an array of resumes at the tips of their fingers on demand. Not only are you able to retrieve educational and professional credential information online, we offer a unique picture profile which allows you to also view a prospective employee to add a more personal element, bridging the distances and bringing you closer. 

Our clients are major corporations all ranging in all states in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. JobTube has an extensive catalog of job postings available that covers a wide multitude of major professional industries. Once you join Jobtube, our professional staff is available to assist you in every step, from technical inquiries to setting up your profile. Once you are set up in our system you can check in on your profile from anywhere in the world. Join us and we'll help make your dream career a reality. 

JobTube respects and holds your privacy at the utmost priority, we guarantee confidentiality throughout each step of matching you with your possible future dream job. (For details please read our Privacy Policy in the Terms and Conditions Section.)