Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Systems Administrator

The candidate must have/satisfy these Qualifications/Experience requirements: 
  • A Bachelor’s Degree (First Class or 2.1) or HND (Distinction or Upper Credit) in Computer Science or Electrical/Electronic Engineering, with CCNA certification;
  • Three (3) years’ work experience in Complex Systems Design, programming and systems software and support and four (4) to six (6) years System Administration experience;
  • Adept knowledge of Networking/Networking infrastructure and server applications (NIS, DNS, DHCP, etc);
  • Knowledge of Programming languages and operating systems; Unix system administration, enterprise backup and recovery procedures, and system performance monitoring tools; effective project management techniques; principles and practices of effective management and supervision;
  • Ability to: manage and document complex system design activities and configure systems in line with institutional policies/procedures; communicate technical/complex information; establish and maintain organizational cooperation, understanding, trust and credibility; multi-task, and respond to emergency situations effectively;
  • Vast experience in: Distributed Computing Systems (Linux Cluster Installation and management); designing and implementation of SAN & NAS storage solutions (eg. Netapps); Cluster Management software and suites (eg xcat); and the management of corporate LAN and WAN infrastructure consisting of Cisco routers, Firewalls and L3 switches; and
Demonstrate the ability to:
  • Effectively provide, install, configure, administer, maintain and generally manage systems hardware and software and related infrastructure, including Windows and Linux operating systems;
  • Participate constructively in technical R & D and innovation within a company’s ICT infrastructure;
  • Investigate and analyse system requirements, develop system specifications, and redesign and configure operating systems and system applications;
  • Identify methods and provide solutions, and management processes required to sustainably provide a high level of service to users/clients; and
  • Ensure high availability and acceptable levels of performance of mission critical network resources.
Job Level
Job Type
Minimum Qualification
Preferred Years of Experience
Application Deadline
2 weeks from now