Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Front Desk Receptionist

Job Responsibilities
  • Greet guests and patrons as they arrive
  • Ask if guests have a prior booking
  • Manage the registration process
  • Ask for identification and ensure that the provided credentials are accurate
  • Handle guest check-ins and check-outs appropriately
  • Operate hotel switchboard, take calls and provide information and transfer calls
  • Manage accurate accounting of all rooms
  • Provide guests with room keys and call for bellboys
  • Take reservations over the telephone, through emails and in person
  • Answer queries regarding the hotel’s services, charges, dining facilities, sports facilities and travel directions
  • Smart and Agile
  • Good customer relations skill
  • Must be a female
  • Resident in Lagos
  • Must communicate effectively in English
  • Must pay attention to details.
Job Level
Job Type
Minimum Qualification
Preferred Years of Experience
Application Deadline
1 month from now